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Offering many years of commercial and creative film making experience, Dominic Witherow Productions is perfectly placed to communicate your message to every audience.

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Our Services

Dominic Witherow Productions offers every element of the production process, dependent on client needs. A true one-stop-shop for corporate communications, post production services and project development. Click here for my sample page, on Vimeo.

Corporate Communications

From traditional 'talking heads' through to cutting-edge, custom drawn animations, via broadcast specification aerial drone footage and final delivery on bespoke websites, Dominic Witherow Productions has been helping organisations to get their message across to customers and staff since the early 2000s. We have worked for major corporates and government departments, as well as for micro-businesses and startups. Our scalability and power of messaging is what has kept us busy and helped our clients achieve their goals.

Drone Photography & Cinematography

Drone footage is all the rage, but finding the right operator with the necessary film making experience, as well as necessary licensing is not so easy. What you get with DWProductions is cinematography first; footage that fits with your film, not a film shoehorned around one element of footage!

Post Production Services

Post production is where the real magic of film making lies. It doesn't matter how amazing your footage is if your post production isn't right. Dominic Witherow Productions offers a full post production service from straight out of the camera up to final cinema/TV/event/web presentation. This includes editing, visual effects, graphics, audio design, sweetening and mixing, colour correction and grading and final delivery in whatever format is required, including website development to best showcase your messages.

Project Development

A successful project is reliant on clear planning. Dominic Witherow Productions specialises in developing projects with clients, so that they can work within budget and to the required timetable. Many years of experience have gone into honing this vital skill and it keeps bringing clients back for more. Every aspect of a production is covered, from original idea to final presentation, whether that's in a cinema or any other platform, including a specially developed website.

Terms & Conditions

Full terms & conditions will be supplied on request and must be agreed before any engagement is undertaken. Basic rate is £800 per day.

Sample videos

This link ( will take you to my samples page on Vimeo. Further samples are available on request.

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